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krystina christiansen

With a background in PR, music, and law Krystina began in film development as a legal intern. After three semesters of soul disintegrating socratic teaching she dropped out of law school to pursue a creative career. Her parents were thrilled.


Since, she's produced, directed, and written short docs, scripted shorts, music videos, proof of concepts for TV and film, web series, branded digital media, corporate videos, higher educational content, EPK's, live events, and commercials for China, India, and US markets. 

In 2020, Krystina was named as a finalist for Sony Picture TV's Rising Storytellers search with Gemstone Studios in which she pitched a limited docudrama sparked after a bizarre middle school memory when she found out her dad was part of a historic trial for attempted murder of a police officer in the 70's while watching the evening news. A trial that she's since discovered was part of a distraction into COINTEL-PRO's involvement in the assassination of an unknown Black Messiah in Houston, TX. The other Hampton. 

(It's a dope story. If you're interested, hit her up.)

Her career highlight is teaching Terry Crews how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on flute. A close second is "You remind me of Beyonce." - Will.I.Am.

For whatever reason she remains fairly active on LinkedIn.

In any role her love and passion for collaboration in uncovering the uniqueness of every project feeds into all elements of her creative process. When not working she can be found wandering a National Park pretending she's on assignment for NatGeo. Her dream is to coordinate a global meditative breath. Until then, her aim is to tell stories that further elevate collective consciousness.  Deep, right? IMDB

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