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TL;DR I've been using cameras to explore stories (and get out of writing papers) for as long as I can remember. Starting with the one you see above where I interviewed social justice icon Rev. William Lawson, and more importantly, captured my little sister refusing to be baptized. I like being outside and bending rules. Anyway, we should definitely work together. 

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krystina christiansen

is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. She's produced, directed, and written feature and short docs, scripted shorts, music videos, proof of concepts for TV and film, web series, branded media, corporate videos, higher educational content, EPK's, art installations, live events, and commercials for China, India, South America, Europe, and US markets.  

Currently, she is in post production on her first feature documentary produced under the Appian Way and QC Entertainment banners, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Eli Roth as Executive Producers. Additionally, she's recently wrapped filming a documentary short about an end-of-life letter she found while hiking in Hawaii, written by a man with late stage MS. To watch the campaign trailer, click here

In 2020, she was named as a finalist for Sony Picture TV's Rising Storytellers search for her docufiction limited series about her dad being wrongly accused of attempted murder of a police officer in a historic trial in Houston, TX - used as a distraction into the FBI's involvement in the assassination of a young Black community leader - "The other Hampton". 
(It's a dope story. If you're interested, let's talk.)

Her career highlight is teaching Terry Crews how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on flute. A close second is

"You remind me of Beyonce." - Will.I.Am.

When not immersed in storytelling she can most likely be found maintaining her DuoLingo streak, wandering a National Park, art gallery, or the nearest science museum. 

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